We take the intermediate courses one step further…

These courses are more advanced and require that you first have a good grasp on PC basics. As such, each will most likely have a requirement that you have first taken one or more of the basic courses or have the permission of the instructor prior to enrolling. We want to insure that attention can be kept on the more advanced subject matter and not be spend on the very basics. Thank you for your understanding!!

PC-250: Window's 10 and General PC Maintenance

This module will be covering the following topics:

  • Window’s 10 maintenance
    • Cleaning up temporary files
    • De-fragmenting your hard drive
    • Cleaning browser data
    • Removing junk files
    • Creating a Restore Point
  • General PC Maintenance
    • Cleaning your PC
    • Dusting the interior components
    • Checking your hard drive for errors


PC-251: Microsoft Word Advanced
PC-252: Micrsoft Excel Advanced
PC-253: Microsodt PowerPoint Advanced
PC-254: Microsoft Publisher Advanced
PC-255: Microsoft Outlook Advanced