The following courses while basic in nature do require a modest fee.  Please visit our courses fee page to learn more about the fees and how you can prepay the fees for any classes you register for.

Like most “basic” courses the purpose is to introduce you to the various topics to the point where you’ll feel comfortable with each of the subject covered. Each of these courses will take approximately 1 1/2 hours to cover.


PC 200 – Personalizing and Customizing Windows 10

Windows 10 start menue image

Now that you know your basic way around Windows 10, we’ll explore the options you this operating system offers you to customize and personalize it to not only suit your tastes but to suit your needs as well

Laptop with The latest version of Windows 10 (Anniversary Edition) or greater
PC-100 & PC-101 & PC-102 or prior approval of the instructor. 

PC 201 – An overview of Microsoft Office and OneNote Basics

Image of monitor with Office 2016 logo

This course will provide you with an overview of Microsoft’s Office suite of office productivity software. As part of this introduction, we’ll also explore Microsoft’s Office OneNote module.  We’ll be discussing the various versions of Office which are available and the different ways of installing and using them. This will be a good precursor course before considering one of the other focused office courses we will be offering:

  • OneNote
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Access
  • Outlook

A laptop with Windows 8 or 10 installed.
A laptop with Windows 8 or 10 and Office 2016 installed.
PC-100 and PC-101 or the prior approval of the instructor.

PC 202 – Microsoft Word Basics
Word 2016 logo


Microsoft Word has been Microsoft’s flagship word processor well, like forever.  Every year, better and better.  In this course, we’ll go through a good overview of Word and it’s major functions. We’ll cover creating new documents either from scratch or by using a template.  We’ll also look at how to create your own templates for future use. And then we’ll go over some other basics such as setting the theme and visual characteristics of your document including pagination, headers and table of contents.


laptop with Office 2016 and Microsoft Word installed
PC-100, PC-101 and PC-201 or the prior approval of the instructor.

PC 203 – Microsoft Excel Basics

Excel 2016 logo

Microsoft Excel is an advanced spreadsheet program which can be used for everything from keeping the “books” to managing a payroll to forecasting sales to creating and managing a budget or profit and loss statement. In this course we’ll get started with creating a basic worksheet, understanding how formulas are entered and even how to create a basic graph or chart to represent your data.

A laptop with Windows and the 2016 version of Excel installed
PC-100, PC-101 and PC-201or the prior approval of the instructor.

PC 204 – Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

PowerPoint 2016 logo
PowerPoint is the go-to slide presentation package used by business, educational institutions and corporations world-wide. With it’s built-in templates and ability to customize virtually any element in the presentation, PowerPoint lets you add audio, video elements in addition to photos, graphic elements, graphs, charts and more. All that and animations and transitions too.
Laptop with Windows 7 or greater and PowerPoint 2016 installed.
PC-100, PC-101 and PC-201 or the prior approval of the instructor.

PC 205 – Microsoft Publisher Basics

Publisher 2016 logo

Publisher is print media creation program allowing you to create everything from logos and business cards to banners, flyers, menus, agendas, thank you and greeting cards, advertisements and more.

Laptop with Windows 7 or greater and Publisher 2016 installed.
PC-100, PC-101 and PC-201or the prior approval of the instructor.

PC 206 – Microsoft Outlook Basics

Outlook is an email management program – also called an email client. With Outlook, you can bring all of your email accounts under one roof. Outlook gives you the ability to organize your emails, create email contact lists, and set up rules for incoming emails to allow the computer to automatically sort, process, respond to and file your emails.
Outlook 2016 logo
laptop with Windows 7 or greater and Microsoft Outlook 2016 installed.
PC-100, PC-101 and PC-201 or the prior approval of the instructor.