“Olde school”, “New School”……..no matter which ‘school’ you come from, computers are such a part of everyday life that you may just be realizing that it may be time to go back to school.  It’s growing increasing harder to even think of an occupation where having computer knowledge – the right computer knowledge – is no longer a benefit but a requirement.  Keeping that thought, with today’s economic conditions struggling to get back on track, many have had to reinvent themselves from the ground up.  Attorneys are now bakers, salespersons are now inventory clerks and teachers may now be restaurant managers.  Times may be a bit tough but they’re not impossible. That is where We’d like to help.

Working within our local community, we’re organizing the necessary facilities, equipment and supplies to put together no-cost technology training for the local community.  Things take some time to get together but our goal is to be able to offer classes which will either assist you in your existing career or to help you stand-out when reinventing yourself in your new one.

Name the industry and technology impacts it in numerous ways – many times in ways you may not even realize.  You’ve most likely heard the expression “it’s a blessing and a curse” and that, I feel, applies more to technology than anything else.  So…. take a cleansing breath, and learn how complicated it doesn’t have to be. Here’s to hoping that we can help enlighten you and empower you in this technology burdened world.